My Grandmother's Money Tin

This is the tin that my Grandmother used to organise her bills. Inside, she had an old tray that she labeled with the names of the bills she had to pay. She would then put a little money aside into each category. Simple isn't it ?

She also gave me a collection of the old paper money that Australia used to have. It looks very different to the plastic money we have these days. We also no longer have a one or two dollar note. They became coins in the mid 80s.

Hubbie and I were discussing how we used to have pay envelopes that had 'actual' money in them with a hand written pay slip. Hubbie remembers keeping so much of it for 'spending' and then banking a portion of it, using his bank book. He said you would put the money in your bank book and put it through a little slot like a slippery dip and the teller would process it and call your name to come and collect your bank book.

Very different to our world today of 'virtual' money. Today you can go to work, get paid straight into your bank account, pay for things straight put of your bank account and never actually 'see' your money. In fact you can work for years and have no idea of how you are actually going. Sure, we get pieces of paper that tell us how we are going, but how many people sit down and add up this account and that account to see whether they are getting ahead, treading water or sinking fast!

Gee times have changed. Have they changed for the better for us as consumers? After all, this 'virtual' money was sold to us on the basis of how convenient it would all be. I am guessing, however, that you and I are not the winners in this new system.

I wonder how we would protect and guard our money if we were given it in a little brown envelope and told 'that has to last you the week, so be careful with it'.


libby said...

I think credits card and "virtual" money are the reason so many people have financial problem. I was one of them. Although in the last few years we got our debt under control and would pay off our credit card in full each month, it wasn't until we went to a cash budget (only using real money) that we've been able to stick to my budget and accumulate some savings.


simplelife said...

I remember real money. I even like paper money better than the plastic money. I agree the whole system moves it just that bit further away from us. Having cash in your wallet and knowing how long it must last you certainly changes the way we spend.
Yes I agree, I think we are the losers in this system and now the whole economy is starting to suffer. Bout time too I think.

cheers Kate

Cathy said...

Hello B/woman
I realise we are all different but unfortunatley its having cash in my pocket thats been my downfall.
Dh prefers having big notes in his wallet as he is then loathe to change them

We were never in debt but it was hard putting cash to one side for future bills - I find it so much easier to leave money 'in the bank', use the card for all purchases and then pay on line at the end of the month.

Lots of places have a minimum monetary limit on electronic purchases so if its not that high I have to think about coming back with cash which makes me think about whether I really do need whatever it is I'm about to buy

I do have online accounts in a similar fashion to segments in a tin and money is transferred to them each fortnight so its available when the bills come in.

In fact since we started this system quite a few years ago now we have been better off than ever before. No more wondering if theres enough in the bank to pay the ....(whatever) bill when it comes in.

But put it in my pocket and we are heading for disaster - if its not there I can't spend it lol
Take care

Emma said...

I agree with libby. we use cash for our everyday spending and it is by far the easiest way to stay on budget.

When you pay with 'virtual money' it is like you are getting it for nothing. Even debt is 'virtual' and therefore easy to ignore.

BTW - love your blog! Very inspiring.

Minni Mum said...

I agree with Libby, it way to easy to spend virtual money, there's no accountability! No empty wallet staring at you before the end of the week.

By the way, I know you don't like meme's much but I've tagged you for a Green Meme, so don't feel compelled to do it LOL :-)

Cheers, Julie

Anonymous said...

and the old paper money smelt so good.

Anonymous said...

I agree, too. I'm thinking of getting rid of my credit cards, but it makes me nervous.

Ladybird World Mother said...

I just love that tin!
I must say, one way to spend less is to use cash. When you see £100 in cash it seems such an awful lot. But not with the old cash card.
We TRY to get a certain amount of cash out per week and just spend that. No more. Its a good way. Problem is we keep forgetting to get the cash out...
love this post. Thanks for it.

Kaye said...

BW you inspired me to go to a cash budget last fortnight. To think we always used to use cash years ago! I was so nervous withdrawing and carrying around cash!It really made me stop and think before I bought anything realising that I had to check how much cash I had available in my little 'baggie' before proceeding with any purchases. I could see at a glance how much had been spent and how much was left.

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