Howling Winds and Garden Damage.

The Wind has howled these past 36 hours. I mean really howled. So much so that some corn was knocked off the stalk and a group of tomatoes were also knocked off. The beans that last week were climbing like mad have now shrivelled and all the plants are leaning on a 60 degree angle. I now have sympathy for the farmers. I can’t imagine what it would be like having acres of corn which I depended on for an income only to have the whole thing thrashed about and destroyed in one weekend! Tomorrow morning I will inspect the damage.

There was some joy, however, the corn that was knocked down looked perfect!

Number one son has been sleeping in number two’s room because he has large windows in his room which is at the rear of the house. It can be quite noisy when it’s windy. Number two son’s room is across the hallway from our bedroom and is at the front of the house. It is somewhat sheltered because of the front veranda.

The joy of having both the boys together was realised tonight when they were in bed reading. I heard the following conversation. Remember, number two is seven and number one is ten.

No2: "what does wise mean?’

No1: “ it means, like, when you know stuff, like you know about things and you do what is the right thing”.

No2: “ I’m wise”

No1: “ yeah, so am I”.

Oh joy of joys!


Karen said...

LOL What a gorgeous conversation!

Sorry about your vegies - luckily your corn was ready!

Ladybird World Mother said...

What a sweet conversation... just love hearing my children sometimes... makes your heart crinkle up with joy!
Hope your veg will survive somehow.

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