Where We Live

We have been away. A trip to Sydney. It is always great to head down to the ‘big smoke’, but it is even nicer to come home.

When we are driving home we get a view of our beautiful valley. It really is a wonderful sight. There is the ocean on the right and the mountains on the left with a meandering magnificent river that winds its way through the valley.

The river is our main source of entertainment throughout the warmer parts of the year. Families come together and we ski, swim, tube, kneeboard. We love it. Each weekend we pack up our picnic baskets, our air pots and baked goodies and head to the river. Early in the morning the water is like glass and makes for perfect skiing.

The children play on the river bank, exploring, making up stories of yowies in the bulrushes and digging holes in the sand. They take turns in going on the tube, often two at a time and their little faces say it all !

Families that play together stay together! A friend’s father told me once that having a boat was a great thing when their kids were growing up because it kept the family together. Instead of their children going off with mates who the parents hardly knew, their kids friends came and played with them and didn’t get into mischief as they got older. I agree with this idea. Hubby’s family also grew up boating and picnicking and I think he wants to give our boys the same experience What a wonderful pastime to share together as a family!


libby said...

Looks like a lovely part of the world. I always love coming home to Wollongong. As you drive down the escarpment you see the town and ocean all spread out before you and at night you get to see all the twinkling lights.


greenfumb said...

I agree entirely, we have a boat so that our teenagers will spend time with us at weekends instead of hanging around shopping malls with their friends. They can spend all day whizzing around the tube and their friends love it.
I have to put alot of effort into reducing our carbon footprint in other ways to offset the boating though.

han_ysic said...

Is that the Nepean river? I live on the Shoalhaven river and we spend a lot of time on the river as well. I don't have a boat, but some friends do, or we just go down to a public reserve and swim off the jetty there.

Kyl said...

Busywoman I think it's very true...the family that plays together stays together. I have wonderful memories of my childhood where my parents did so much with us.....especially Christmas holidays at the Sunshine Coast. My brother and I always say, 'Remember when.....'.

My husband jokingly rolls his eyes when I starting going all nostalgic. I hope to create those same wonderful memories for my son!!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Our family does everything together and we are very close to our children. Some of the best things we do are free!

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