After Storm Glow

The last two afternoons we have been blessed with good soaking rains. In the past we might have cursed an afternoon storm, usually arriving at the time when school is coming out and things are thrown into chaos. Now we are grateful for the rains that stop us from having to water the garden with the hose. What is it about rainwater? What is that magical ingredient ? Why is it that you can water daily, but as soon as there is a little rain water the plants stand up and come alive. Mother Nature certainly has the recipe worked out well.

After the storm this evening there was an amazing glow. The photos certainly don't do it justice. It was a strange green/yellow colour. Everything came alive! Even in the house there was a strange glow. It was truly lovely. I grabbed the camera and took some shots in very poor light so they are quite blurry.

We recently started daylight savings, meaning that we had to wind our clocks back one hour. I hate the change over. I value my mornings because that is when I get the most done. To suddenly lose an hour was very painful. It has taken me a little while to naturally wake up early again. I don't use an alarm clock. I generally wake up naturally just after five anyway. You can imagine my horror when this turned into six ! Anyway, I am almost back to my 5am rising.

Thank you to those of you who have been sending me emails. I value the feedback, especially the questions because they give me ideas of what to write about.
I would like to write more about managing a home on a budget, and creating a joyful, simple life especially with kids! Do you have any questions or issues you would like me to address? Just send an email or leave a comment. I would be happy to share ideas.


simplelife said...

I really enjoy your writing and would love to hear more about creating a home, being joyful with children etc. Maybe some posts about balancing all this with your own needs? How you refill your tank? Motivating the kids to get involved? Oh heck just anything LOL.

cheers kate

kathirynne said...

First off, I really enjoy your blog. It is an inspiration.

Secondly, do you have any advice about simple living for a single, work-outside-the-home mumma? There never seem to be enough hours in my day, and I'm not sure how to prioritize to make the most of my time.

Thanks in advance!

Belinda said...

It really is amazing just how much the qualities of light can be changed by something as common as a storm.

My favourite cloud light phenomena has to be when you see beams of light breaking through a cloud... it makes me stop for a deep breath every time I see it.

Kind Regards

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