A Sweet Additive Free Treat

Number Two son was looking for ‘something special’ because Number One son is away at school camp for three days.

That’s when I remembered Mr B ( my friends’ husband who is a stay-at-home Dad) raving about the marshmallow slice he made. It is based on those LCM Bars – the ones that are bars made out of rice bubbles with all sorts of bits on top that are hugely expensive.

The recipe is from Sue Dengate’s Failsafe diet. If you haven’t heard of Sue she is an Australian advocate for removing certain colourings, flavourings and preservatives from the food we eat. I attended her seminar a few years ago and it was life changing. If you or your children are unsettled, moody, tired or have challenging behaviours I suggest you visit her site at http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/ and read some of the material. She also has a couple of books. One which I bought called Fed Up and a cookbook and DVD that I borrow frequently from the library. Some readers may have seen Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners programme which also features in Sue’s presentation.

So here is the recipe:
200g white Marshmallows (Pascalls are Failsafe)
80g butter
4 cups rice bubbles.

1. Melt butter and marshmallows slowly, stirring constantly.

2. Pour goopey mixture into rice bubbles

3. Stir even goopier mixture until well combined

4. Plop out goop into lined baking tray. Slap goop until smooth and refrigerate until set.

5. Cut lovely marshmallow bars into beautiful rectangles.

6. Serve with a big smile and a joyful heart.

At forty thousand calories and two cholesterol points per slice, it’s an absolute gem of a recipe. Lucky school camps are a one off event! LOL


Kez said...

Another plug for Sue Dengate - she is certainly life-changing.

I must make this again - it's been ages!

Lis said...

I make this one as a lunchbox treat occasioanlly and always for birthday parties. I put in 5 cups of rice bubbles and melt the butter in the microwave...then stir in the marshmallows (the butter seems to be hot enough to melt them). Then add the rice bubbles :)

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