Spring Garden Update - Messy Peas and Harvest Joy

The soil warms and the plants SPRING to life.

Last week and the week before we had awful weather. Our peas, which were about 5 feet tall were laying flat on the ground because of the terrible winds that we had been having. We also had a huge amount of rain which seemed to last for days and days. We thought we may lose all the peas so we decided to just pick the whole lot up and tie it up as best we could. It appears today that some pieces which were broken or bend have started to die, while others still have good fat pods on them

The plant is a huge bundled mess, but we will just let nature takes it's course

The rest of the garden is coming along well and we are very excited about the temperature of the soil rising. Beans which he had given up on have now awoken and since the rain the corn has doubled in size

Last night we went to a bbq with friends. Our contribution was the salad and it gave us great joy to go and pick a lettuce from the backyard. We joked about our 'harvest ceremony' and of course, had to take photos.

We had to add 'bought' capsicum, cucumber, tomato, carrot and red onion. We live in hope for the day when the whole salad will come from the backyard. If we keep getting great days and steady rains it may not be that far away.


Michelle said...

I completely understand your joy at eating your own food from your backyard.
I am a very new vegie gardener and last night we ate potatoes, broccoli, carrots and peas from our garden. It was such a thrill and I don't I've ever enjoyed eating vegies so much in my life.
I am going to NZ for 2 weeks tomorrow and my biggest concern is that DS21 will take good care of my vegie patch. LOL

han_ysic said...

Love your silverbeet. I think mine is too shaded, it's not growing very well. Need more space for veges :)

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Your lettuce looks fantastic! Where we used to live we had many, many meals that were entirely from our garden. I hope to be that way again someday!

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