10 Useless Pieces of Information About Me.

1. My signature coffee is a vanilla latte on skim milk.

2. I have a stationery obsession. Nothing excites me more than a good notebook, matching pen and coloured tabs in a folder.

3. I am a visual/ kinaesthetic learner- meaning to take things in and remember them I have to write or draw them – Visual to remember the image or notes and kinaesthetic meaning I remember by the movement of writing it down.

4. I write lists. Then I collate lists and write a list of all the lists I have.

5. My first car was a 1978 Mazda 323. When I drove along the keys used to fall out of the ignition and if I tried to turn a corner the steering lock would come on. This made for many fits of laughter in my uni days and kept my speed to 40 kilometres an hour.

6. I play the piano, but I don’t have one in my home. Our family piano is at my mums. If I go somewhere where there is a piano I sometimes pour out my soul into a long sonata and then feel fully cleansed and ready to face the world again!

7. I met my husband when I was assaulted by a gang of 10 juvenile criminals on a Sunday afternoon in the main street of town. He was my blue eyed policeman who came to the rescue. I believe that we were destined to cross paths. I have learnt through this that my greatest blessings come from my greatest adversities.

8. When I am nervous I say the most ridiculous things. It started when I was bitten by a bee at the town pool in Scone where I lived when I was eleven. I had to tell the manager because I was starting to swell up. He was a cranky man who said “ where did the bee bite you?” I replied “ up the deep end” He screamed “where did it actually bit you?” I cried and said “ on the second step on the ladder up the deep end” He screamed “DID IT BITE YOUR ARM, DID IT BITE YOUR LEG?” between tears I had a bit of a chuckle and showed him my finger!

9. For about eight years I was a school teacher. Now I see young men and women around town who remember me and say “ you taught me in 3rd class”. I go to the mirror and check my wrinkles. Surely I haven’t changed at all in the last 14 years.

10. When I was pregnant the first time my other Nanna who died in 1999 told me “when that child is placed in your arms you will feel a love like you have never known before” It is my single handed duty to tell this quote to every pregnant woman I come across.


Dina Roberts said...

#7 is very romantic, but I hope you weren't hurt!!!

#10-I totally agree with.

Cindi said...

Worlds apart, but a fellow list maker. The joke here is I make lists of my lists! So glad I am not the only one.

Anonymous said...



Michelle said...

No 10 is so true.
When my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild I told her that when he was born, and only then, would she understand how much I loved her. It is something that I believe cannot be put into words.
I know when I had my firstborn I had this sudden realisation that this was how my parents felt about me. It was enlightening and liberating.

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