Processed Convenience Foods

Take a look at my 'processed', 'convenience' food.

 I bought it yesterday with no packaging for quite a cheap price considering the volume. 

Once I got it home I 'processed' it, that is I peeled it all and chopped it up and put it into containers for the fridge. 

When hunger struck it was easy and convenient to grab out of the fridge. When the predictable ' Mum, I'm hungry' conversation took place it proved itself to be very 'convenient'.


Anonymous said...

love your 'processed convenience' food. It is so colourful, healthy and very tempting.

libby said...

Looks great. I find whenever things are cut up they are definitely eaten quicker.


Chris said...

That's a great idea! In summer we generally make up a fresh fruit salad to store in the fridge. Your idea though, means my daughter can help herself to the large fruit pieces - rather than getting me to serve up a bowl of fruit salad.

I'll have to try this when the weather gets warmer!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Great post! I always think I'm going to do that and then never do. We have lots of ripe watermelons in the garden, so this would be the perfect thing to do! Thank you!

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