Feel the Rhythm.....

Can you believe I have made ten Chinese Lanterns tonight because the boys wanted to "celebrate the Olympics"? Personally, I am not into the Olympics - there's that whole Human Rights issue that spoils it a bit for me, along with the whole - money for entertainment while millions starve, but, I keep that to myself ! LOL

It is so lovely to be home for the afternoon/evening routine. When I was working and would come home late I would REALLY miss this, even though I have the best husband in the world that would do homework, cook tea and bath the children, I always felt that I was missing out.

Kids thrive on rhythm and so do adults. It provides stability and security. Life seems to run smoother with a daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly rhythm. That's the way nature operates.

Today confirmed for me that I have made the right decision in leaving my legal career and choosing my family instead. It's really funny that most mothers agonise over the career/family decision when the children are small. It seems funny that I was home for 5 years when they were young then went back to work for about 2.5 years then made the decision to 'come home'. I remember my sister, who has children a lot older than mine, was talking about mothers 'coming home' when the children where in their later teen years, especially when they were in the senior school years because that's when they were needed most. At the time of hearing this I was dreading the idea because you tend to think that as they get older they become less reliant on you. As my children grow I realise that the reliance remains, it is just in a different format.

Another wise woman told me once that there are seasons in life. This is my season to nurture. I don't know how long it will last, but when I feel ready I will return to work. I have a really great boss who sent me an email today updating me on one of our cases and telling me to let him know when I get bored ! lol.......... We'll see when the season changes.


Unknown said...

Ditto about the Olympics! I only watched the opening ceremony, and have kept away from it since for a similar reason. There is a pollution elephant in the room and the chinese are not looking at it!

From reading you blog over the last few posts, it seams to me that you are trying to justify to yourself (and therefore your readers) your choice to leave "work" and be a stay at home mum. Here is some very friendly advice from a long time reader. Stop it! An here is why I say that.

a) It's your choice and right.
b) It will be a fantastic feeling getting out of the rat race.
c) A stay at home mum "work hard" but in a different way than being a lawyer!

Kim is always telling me that she feels guilty sometimes that she doesn't contribute financially, however, I keep reminding her that her job is far more important than mine and that we support each other in lifes journey.

To nurture the kids, and be there when needed is the best gift in the world.

Enjoy your new season, and may it be very long and very fruitful!


Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am home now too and love it! My family is independent and responsible, but it is amazing how the wheels of the family just run so much smoother when mom is around.

I used to love the Olympics, but over the years I have been turned off by the media feeding frenzy, the commercialism, the technical 1/1 trillionth of a second timers, paid endorsements to amateur athletes, etc.

I do admire the work and dedication involved--those traits are admirable!


Anonymous said...

Hi - I think you are making a wonderful choice. I recently had six months off work to just 'be' with my two boys (10 and 16yrs), and they were the best time of our lives together. Have just returned to work but only 2 days/week. I agree that they need real time with parents, and lots of it as they grow older, possibly even more than when they're little.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading your posts for some time and wanted to say I think you're doing great! Your Sister is correct - my 'babies' are 20 and 17 and need me in many different ways now. I work, but in a school, so now I'm home before they are and also have 12 weeks a year in holiday.

Enjoy your time as each day is precious.

Karen (UK)

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