I currently have a few days off.

We decided not to go away. We decided we will stay around and 'get things done'. We decided it would be great to do some extra projects. We decided we could have some quality time together as a family. We decided we could do some research and set up some more systems for our eco challenge areas.

But......... it has rained ....... and rained...... and rained........... and hubbie just ducked his head into my office and said "guess what, honey ? " and I answered" it's raining ? " He just smiled.

Here is the summary....

Entries are for the 24 hours 9.00am to 9.00am on the indicated dates)
5th April/6th April - (0.4 mm)
6th April/7th April - (5.6 mm)
7th April/8th April - (15 mm)
8th April/9th April - (18.4 mm)
9th April/10th April - (3.8 mm)
10th April/11th April - (3.8 mm)
11th April/12th April - (0.2 mm)
12th April/13th April - (0.2 mm)
13th April/14th April - (4.4 mm)
15th April/16th April - (0.6 mm)
16th April/17th April - (3 mm)
17th April/18th April - (2.6 mm)
18th April/19th April - (11.4 mm)
19th April/20th April - (25.2 mm)
20th April/21st April - (39.2 mm)
21st April/22nd April - (16.4 mm)
22nd April/23rd April - (21.4 mm)

Number of rain days: 17
Maximum rainfall rate: 96.8 mm/hour at 17:34:00 on 20 Apri
lTotal rainfall for April: 171.6 mm
Days since rain: 0
Last Rain amount: 21.4 mm

So since I started by break on Saturday we have had 113.6mm in 5 days.

The zucchini plants I planted are so water logged they're almost going moldy!

The only thing that stops me from giving up is thinking about what people did in the 1940s. They couldn't just say "oh well, it's too wet too grow anything, jump in the car kids and we will drive the 45 miles to town for pizza" Mind you, they would have preserved their stockpile from the last good season to cover themselves in case of bad seasons. We ( meaning modern society) on the other hand, have no contingency plans. We just rely on a shop being open 24 hours to get whatever we need. We never give any thought to it !

One good thing about all the rain... there's lots of time to sit with cups of peppermint tea looking over the backyard and pondering the Vision Splendid.

Time for plan B.

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Country Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of rain! Do you often have such large quantities?

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