10 Tips for Reducing School Morning Stress

Tips for reducing the morning stress.

1. Have all clothes ironed and ready the night before.

2. Put children's clothes in a place where they can easily access themselves. We put our boys clothes over the same chair every day so when they go to get dressed everything is there.

3. Prepare notes the night before. We have a thin folder for communications between school and home

4. Have lunch boxes out ready to be packed. Depending on what foods you include, some can be prepared the night before.

5. Have an early bed time. Reduce stimulation well before bed time – have quiet music, relaxing baths, turn of TV, read aloud etc

6. Start early in the morning. Don’t leave everything until the last minute when you have to run around madly.

7. Have children do their ‘morning jobs’. Kids thrive on rhythm and routine. Depending on their age they may be able to do their own jobs such as making the bed, tidying their room etc.

8. Get yourself ready early. Get up before your children so you have a head start on the day.

9. Take the time to have a good breakfast.

10. Turn off the TV in the mornings. Time always go slower when the TV is off.

If you can implement these things it will bring peace to a very busy time of the day.


Danielle said...

Thank you for the tips, I always find morning such a stuggle. I'm not a morning person.

Susan said...

This is sucha great post :) I'm printing for my wall int he hope it helps me!

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