The Tea Towel

As you may remember I have taken it upon myself to single handed revive the lost art of 'air pot' use http://avisionsplendid.blogspot.com/2007/09/chaning-world-one-air-pot-at-time.html

I laughed recently when a girlfriend in Sydney told me that she is single handed reviving the art of giving tea towels ! Remember when people went on holidays they brought back tea towels and spoons as gifts for people ? She cracked me up ! We decided then and there that we are not reviving spoons, just the tea towels.

I can remember receiving tea towels for my 'glory box' when I was young. The tea towels were usually brown with pictures of kangaroos on them LOL !

When I was travelling out west earlier this year I picked up two gorgeous tea towels from Inverell in brown and pink that had Australian recipes on them. I gave one to another friend for her birthday with some other bits and pieces ( after telling her our revival story). I gave the other one to my friend from Sydney when she was visiting last week. She laughed so much ! She said she loves it!!!

A few days after giving the first tea towel away my friend turned up with one from England (where she's from) saying she had brought this back with her and now she knew exactly who would appreciate it. Oh gee I laughed !

Do you remember the tea towel and spoon giving tradition ? It makes me laugh !
So, join the club, lets do a revival of the commemorative tea towel.


Kez said...

ROFLMAO - I have a few of those tea towels too :) My MIL still collects spoons so we brought her back some when we went to England - they're not the cheapest to buy anymore!!

Becca said...

I bought maaaaany spoons for my mom before we mutually discontinued that tradition.

Anonymous said...

My sister just brought me back a tea towel from New Zealand. At least they are a usuable souvenir. A swap of tea towels amongst bloggers could be an idea.

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Last year Dad brought back some teatowels from Tasmania, at the time I did not really appreciate them and simply put them away. I came across them the other day and saw them in completely different light, I saw their quality and the prettiness of the print. Was half tempted to start using them - seeing this has turned that into fully tempted.
I do have one teatowel that I may never use, bought through a fundraiser at my son's preschool featuring self protraits by all the kids. I love my son's version of himself, a head with arms and legs sticking out at funny angles

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