See them jump when I announce " who would like me to scrub their feet in the bath?" It works so much better than screaming " get in the shower NOW !!!!"

I light the candles, set the mood.

They lay back, relaxed, and enjoy the pampering. I scrub their feet with a peppermint scrub that's crunchy and smells great.

They love the attention. Little do they know I am hypnotising them, slowing them down, preparing them for bed.
They get out, we read together and they go to sleep so easily and quickly.

 Little do they know of the hypnotic, soothing effect of light and water.

I think I will try it myself.


lightening said...

What a wonderful idea. I should try this with my kids. :)

Nat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love this idea for the bath... might have to try it one day with my lot.

donna said...

great idea! do you make the peppermint scrub yourself?

Becca said...

Smart, smart lady. I am enjoying your blog. When we have our niece, we try to turn down the lights and play soothing music when it's close to her bedtime.

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