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Today I am off to do the shopping. Not just any shopping, but my 'extreme shopping'. Frequent readers will know that I take my grocery shopping pretty seriously! LOL http://avisionsplendid.blogspot.com/2007/08/extreme-shopping.html

The good thing about shopping today is that I won't have the children with me, so there's a dramatic saving straight away ! I will also go to ALDI which is about 40 minutes away. I go with a friend and we share the petrol cost. It's also a nice day out to go to a place that has shops that we don't normally see.

I am looking forward to getting my menu planning sorted out, my budget money up to date and re-stocking my stockpile. We let it run down over the summer because we were going to be away so much and I wasn't working, so we used up much of our stores.
I am almost finished updating the sections in my planner http://avisionsplendid.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-planner.html For those of you that asked about it, I will update you on the inside workings of it once I have completed it.

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Cathy said...

Hello BW
Rereading your post on Extreme shopping reminded me of a time many years ago that a S/Way close by had a price comparison system on the shelves.

They would give the actual price of the item and then the price per kilo - same as you have done.

Unfortunatley for some reason it didn't last very long so I had to go back to pencil and paper maths again and work it out in the shop:(

And of course the trouble is these days the prices don't stay the same for very long so what you thought was a bargain one week may not be the same next time lol

Take care

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