Frugal Strategies

Get it for Less- Find a cheaper source for things you already buy.

Make it last longer- Look after the things you do buy.

Use it less- Driver less, use your dryer less, use your air conditioner less...... you get the idea.

Use it up Shop from home first. Look at what you already have and make do. Make meals from leftovers, re-vamp some clothing, use things that you would through out for another purpose.

Wear it Out - Get the most from everything that you use before you throw it out.

Make it do Substitute things where you can or be prepared to settle for things that are less than perfect.

Do without - Stop and think! ... Do you really need it ? Can you do without ? Can you wait until the 'trend' of the item passes and you can pick it up cheaper ? Can you borrow or share with someone else ?

Make it yourself - What can you make yourself. Bread ? Clothing ? Restaurant style meals ?

Grow it yourself- Can you grow even a few small things ? Can you trade with someone who grows things that you can't ? Can you at least have a herb garden or grow sprouts on your windowsill ?

Trade it- Revive the forgotten art of bartering. Barter your goods or your time.

Put the word out- When you do need/ want something - tell others and then wait. You will be surprised what can come to you once you put the word out and are prepared to wait. Experiment with this idea.


Unknown said...

what a GREAT list!!

Jill said...

Fantastic advice!!

Unknown said...

Busy woman ~ I've just tagged you for a MeMe, please see my blog for details :)

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