Busy Busy Busy........What's Been Happening ?

Christmas: Organising, shopping, making.

We take turns each year of going to my husbands family or having them come to us. This year it is our turn to head West to a little town on the North West Slopes and Plains of NSW, population 3050, soon to be 3054 for a couple of days. Santa, therefore, needs to be completely organised beforehand so that presents are there on Christmas Eve without little eyes spotting them. Santa says..... God Bless Australia Post.

Family Fun: We have been having terrific fun down on our fabulous local river. Early in the morning the water is like glass and perfect for skiing.

Local Entertainment: We went to a play night in a little country hall up in the mountains. The local "players" put on a play a couple of times a year and different community groups do the catering as a fund raiser. 

On the night we went the local Rotary group catered and the food was delicious. Serving 130 people is a big job !

And to my readers....Thank you for all your emails. I love the feedback.

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