Step Four is: PLAN PLAN PLAN

Planning stops things from sneaking up on you. Planning reduces your stress. Planning gives you time to save money or time to do something little by little.

Plan what you will eat for the week.
Plan what you will where and lay everyone's clothes out the night before
Plan what is coming up in your next week or next month
Plan for big events many months out
Plan you errands to make better use of time

Good Order Is The Foundation Of All Good Things - Edmund Burke


Unknown said...

planning is definately the key to most things!!

The Tin House said...

busywoman, I've found you via als. Can't wait to explore your blog. A quick glance tells me you make good sense. Thanks for the effort involved.

brad said...

Planning is very useful, and usually saves time and effort in the long run.

The Tin House said...

B'woman, you might like to know I've just made my first menu plan. It's actually liberating rather than restrictive? How come I didn't know this already? That's because I've been a shocking know it all who really hasn't known much at all! lol x

Lis said...

Planning definitely helps to get things done!
By the way I have tagged you for a meme - see my blog for details :)

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