TV Free

As I have said before we don't watch commercial TV at all. Never. We are ABC watchers and occasionally we will watch SBS if there is something special on.

Since last Friday we have switched the TV off once the kids have watched the ABC kids shows after school. I don't mind them watching these, especially the science show and BTN ( Behind the News). Our 9 year old loves this.

When you switch off the TV your shoulders drop and you breath a sigh of relief - try it and see. Then the calmness sets in. The Tranquility. Ahhhh Serenity !

When you have the TV off the time goes really slowly, maybe because it's not broken down into half hour segments. We read, the kids colour in and build lego, and surprise surprise ....we talk !

Try it. You may just like the serenity. I am up to night number seven - I think I am hooked on the peace and the early nights. I will watch it again, most likely, but as a treat and planned relaxation and enjoyment, not as a mindless exercise. I like having the extra time too much


Anonymous said...

I have tried this too and loving the extra time and peace in the evenings...oh yes, serenity now!!
I'm even enjoying going to bed early and reading...getting more reading done and waking up earlier!! Congrats on the previous eco-challenges. Bella

Unknown said...

I watch much less TV now and find things more peaceful!!

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