Stock Up

Today I went to ALDI ( about a 40 minute drive from home) and did my stock up with a friend of mine who is also looking at saving money through smart buying.

Sometimes it is good to pair up because you can go halves in larger quantities so that you get the bulk discount without the storage problems, or having the product go off before you use it all.

So far we have shared rice and peeled garlic cloves ( we got a big bag when we were at the Sydney markets together). Soon we plan on sharing potatoes and a large quantity of meat.

It's nice to have like minded friends. I had to laugh tonight because I got a text message from her which said " cat food a hit", meaning that her previously fussy cat had taken to the cheaper ALDI cat food. It's great having someone who enjoys extreme shopping as much as I do !


Unknown said...

That's great that you can share bulk items with a friend :)

Rhonda Jean said...

yeah, a great idea to shop with a friend. Our cat likes the aldi cat food too. : )

Polly said...

Sharing bulk buys is a good idea. I wish I had a friend who was into it too. :-(

Alita Pereira said...

Its a great idea to share bulk food. My old Freecycle group were looking into doing it.
Aldi is great for bulk stuff and works out very reasonable. We will be getting one next year that is close.

shandora said...

that's funny, my cats never liked any cheaper brand of cat food....except Aldi's

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