Cooking From Scratch

As you have probably noticed, I REALLY enjoy cooking from scratch.

It brings me joy to put the effort in and be rewarded with tastes that far surpass that of the bought alternative. There are health benefits, in that I don't add any 621, 379, 202 or any of the other ingredients I see on packet foods and there are financial benefits, meaning it is so cheap to cook.

Over the weekend I made the following:

- chicken and sweet corn soup

- special garlic bread ( as No 1 son calls it. Th picture is of him helping to make it. )

- chocolate self saucing pudding

-orange cordial

- coriander and cashew dip for a dinner we went to.

and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In keeping with the local food challenge, something we really struggle with, I can say that the only local food was the oranges. Sad, but true.


Polly said...

You're so right Ali, it's so good to know you aren't giving your family all those nasty additives. I've always cooked from scratch although I hadn't heard that term until recently :-)

Any chance of the recipe for the dip and what about the orange cordial? Was it made like lemon cordial?

I'm having trouble with the buying local thing too so you're not alone there.

gentlebreeze said...

Hi there! would you mind posting the garlic bread recipe?

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