The 6P Principle

6Ps = Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

I have written before about my Grandmother's ' one up' principle, that is, you have a spare of everything in the cupboard and as you finish one off you get another one to replace the spare so that you never run out of anything. 

This week I have made a list to fully prepare my stores cupboard.

I have worked out my usage, for example, I know that at all times I want a container ( 3kg) full of flour as well as 4 1kg bags in the cupboard.
This will take me some time to finish because I will only stock up when the products are on sale. The overall aim is to never pay full price for anything again.
If you watch the sales you will see, for example, that Vegemite may come on sale every 6 weeks and you may know that you go through 3 jars in that time, so I would buy 3 when they are on special.

If you let your items run out or run low, you will have to buy them when you need them rather than when they are on sale.

If you use the store cupboard idea of stockpiling, you will eventually get to the position where you only buy sale items each week.

This will cut your grocery bill dramatically. If anything unforeseen happens you always have your insurance policy.
 We all think that a ' disaster' will not happen to us, but sometimes it is the simplest thing that can cause problems, like blackouts from storms or floods.

 If there is no power, the doors of Coles can't open ! I wonder how many people were caught by the flooding around Newcastle - not caught by flood waters but caught by the shut down of services.

 The moral of the story always comes back to the 6P's.

The 6 P principles is the answer to how can you get ahead and work towards never paying full price for anything ?


rhonda jean said...

I like that 6P priciple. Your grandma knew her stuff too. It's a shame how the wisdom of the older generations has been forgotten.

Lis said...

My mum always has the "one up" principle happening and I guess I realised when I read your blog that I do it too without thinking. It works for me and I always try to buy up when goods are on special. I did my grocery shopping yesterday but didn't see my favourite brand of coffee on special (I have just opened the cupboard one). But last nights "junk" mail had a supermarket catalogue for next week and it is on special then so I will buy up :) I never quite thought of it in terms of an emergency back-up but I know it saves me extra trips to the supermarket if something runs out!
Have a great day.

Unknown said...

I am similar with food shopping as I try not to have to pay fullprice for anything by buying up when things are on special. I was forunate to be given a cupboard by a friend before she moved and I use that just for stockpiling( it is in the garage)

Anonymous said...

It's such a pity that in my country coupons don't exist and I barely ever find 'real' offers. They're usually just a few cents off stuff that's over-priced to start with! However I'm keeping a price book and now that Lidl opened up in Malta (the only food saver store on the island) I'm trying to buy as much as I can from them, though I do have a transport problem and have to wait for a lift to go there.

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