Christmas in July

No I am definitely not talking about those functions and parties everyone seems to be going to. 

Perhaps I should call this post THINKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS IN JULY. 

Most people ( me included) start complaining when Christmas decorations and 'gift idea' catalogues start appearing around late September. But the strange thing is that many people leave their gift shopping until the last minute and have to battle the crowds and are left with the age old dilemma of what to buy people in your family. You even hear them talking about what you buy the person who has everything !!!! ( Isn't the answer obvious ??)

I want to start thinking about Christmas so that there is no rush. Without prior preparation and planning we end up buying complete rubbish and maxing out credit cards buying STUFF for people that already have enough STUFF.


So, remember the phrase Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance (The Six P Principle).

Think about these things: 

1. Who do you want to give a gift to. Make a list

2. Will you make a gift or buy a gift.

3. If you start now there is plenty of time to make thoughtful gifts

4. If you don't want to give STUFF then do what I have done for the past two years - buy a goat in a village in Bangladesh in the recipients name. Last year we purchased school books, a water well for a village and a toilet. Visit Tear Australia and get a copy of their "World's most useful gift catalogue". http://www.usefulgifts.org/

Anyway, the challenge I put to you all is .... be prepared. Refuse to be sucked in to the marketing concept that people will know you love them by what you buy them. 

Think carefully. Start your purchases now. Mail order from small Australian business houses. Make thoughtful ethical purchases or make it yourself ! Nothing says I love you like the investment of your time !!!!

Let me know your ideas for gift giving or home made gifts.


Rhonda Jean said...

I have a gift cupboard - it's like a stockpile of gifts, that I make during the year. Most people like the gifts I give but I still feel I have to buy something for my two sons. I'm working on that.

Michelle said...

I have in the past bought my MIL gifts from World Vision but when it came to the endless nieces and nephews I always feel like I have to buy them 'something'.
I enjoy giving gifts but would really love to give something of value that is not attached to the comsumer culture.
Thanks for the website, I think this Christmas is going to be very different from last years.

Momma said...

Thank you for this article--I found your blog and love your ideas. I am planning for this Christmas to be very different than ones in past years. They've been a tremendous challenge because I have such a large family and most of their birthdays are in December as well.

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