100 Years of Simple Living

On Sunday 15th July we celebrated my Grandmother's 100th Birthday.

 This woman is amazing.

As you know, she lived on her own up until a couple of months ago when she slipped while she was raking up some leaves and broke her leg. She now lives in a nursing home.

We asked her what the secret to a long and healthy life is she said " Just don't worry".

Maybe she is right.

 I think the home grown food, no smoking, no drinking and simple, purposeful, joyful living also plays a part, but I guess if you implement her life principles of prior preparation and planning then you will have little to worry about.

As the song goes, 'don't worry, be happy'.

What is it that makes you happy ? I doubt it will be 'stuff ' 


Rhonda Jean said...

What a wonderful woman your grandmother is. Happy birthday for last Sunday! My son shares her birthday. I hope he lives a long and full life just like her.

BTW, I totally agree with her philosophy. I am not a worrier either.

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog via ALS. I want to say thankyou, I have been reading and reading. It is timely to read about your Grandmother's pholosophy towards a long life - "don't worry". I really needed to hear that!

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