Home Made Take Away

Last night I made home made hamburgers. A hamburger ( not the McD kind ) costs around $5 in the local takeaway. Multiply this by 4 family members and your meal is $20. That's without any extra like hot chips or soft drinks.

I made 6 giant patties from minced chicken breast meat. The meat cost $3.48. I add a chopped onion, some herbs, fresh garlic, an egg, some bread crumbs (grated toast), salt and pepper and rolled them in flour and cooked them.

The bread rolls were some I had in the freezer from when I had bought some before and not used them all. ( From memory they were around $2.80 and this is the second meal from the packet of 8 )

The salad was whatever I had in the fridge - lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, cucumber, beetroot.

So, all up I would guess that the cost would be:

pattie 58c

egg 25 c

bread roll 35c

salad 40c

Approximately $1.60 ( not allowing for electricty etc but you get the point)

I also made an apple pie using my Grandmother's recipe. The pastry is like shortbread and it is so yummy. The cost in negligible because I used flour, sugar, eggs, butter, custard powder etc but you get so many items out of one bag of flour or one 500g block of butter. The tin of apples was given to me. Usually I would pay around $2.80 for a tin of apples. This makes a HUGE pie.

So that means my family meal cost ( without the apple pie) about $6.40 - a savings of $13.60. If you did that once per week instead of buying take away - that's a OVER $700 saved per year! And that is just on ONE meal. What if you could half the cost of each meal you made by cooking from real ingredients instead of packets? It adds up to a free family holiday. Trust me it works ! Let me know how you go.

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